Raa Raa Resource Pack

Take part in the Roar with Raa Raa resource programme. The programme, developed by education specialists in partnership with Hello - the 2011 National Year of Communication and the Raa Raa team, is all about helping children find their voice and have the confidence to communicate while having lots of jingly jangly jungle fun! View our ‘Year of Communication’ article for more on the Hello campaign.

The activities enclosed in this pack have been specially developed to provide opportunities for children to practice speech and language skills using Raa Raa’s 4Rs - Repetition, Rhythm, Rhyme and Retelling.

Download the free curriculum-based educational resources here:

Practitioner’s Guide - A Comprehensive Practitioner’s Guide on how to use the Roar with Raa Raa Resource Pack in your setting. Download

Raa Raa’s 4Rs Activity Sheets - Four EYFS Curriculum-linked activity sheets containing craft, game, song and role play activities. Download

Curriculum Links - For Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Download

Parent Activity Sheet - A fun and creative take-home sheet for parents covering Raa Raa’s 4Rs and the role each plays in a child’s communication development. Download

Poster - Download the Raa Raa poster for your nursery notice board. Download

Reward Stickers - Print these Raa Raa stickers onto A4 sticky paper and cut out for reward stickers in the classroom. Download

Evaluation Card - We are keen to hear your feedback and thoughts about the Roar with Raa Raa Pack. Please complete this reply-paid, short evaluation questionnaire. Download