Raa Raa Repetition

Raa Raa and his friends are beginning to master their language and communication skills by listening and repeating sounds. Their noisy adventures give them the opportunity to discover new objects, places and animals all while having fun together.

Why Repetition?
Young children benefit greatly from routine and repetition both in their daily lives and to support their learning. Many children will enjoy hearing a favourite story read to them again and again as they enjoy recognising and understanding the words. Repetition is particularly important for learning new words, as hearing words in different situations helps children really understand what different words mean, which is important for talking, listening and learning.

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Repeat with Raa Raa

Raa Raa likes to be the leader in his group of friends and thinks he is the king of the jungle! This game can be played with one child or many. Play a simple and fun game based on ‘Simon Says’ which builds their confidence with words and actions as well as encouraging them to listen carefully.

What you need:

  • Some space to move and your imagination!

What to do:

  • 1.

    Stand with your child and explain you will be playing a game where they will be copying and repeating an action or sound that you make.

  • 2.

    You may wish to start the game off, begin by saying “Raa Raa says – roar like a lion.”

  • 3.

    Encourage your child to repeat after you and roar like a lion.

  • 4.

    Now add other actions and statements into the game such as Raa Raa says – trumpet like an elephant, act like a monkey, reach up tall like a giraffe, gallop like a zebra, show your teeth like a crocodile, etc.

  • 5.

    Once you have gone a few rounds, reverse places with your child and let them give the instructions! Your child will enjoy instructing you and watching you repeat the sounds and actions.

  • 6.

    Try playing the game giving some of the instructions without saying “Raa Raa says...” in this case your child should not do the task – can they listen carefully enough?