Make Music Bottles!

Raa Raa loves to make music, he loves to experiment and make music and sounds in lots of different ways. Show your child that music can be made with glass bottles filled with water. Fill each bottle at a different level and line these up in a row. Make the colour of the water different colours with different colour fruit juices. This way your child will find it easier remember which bottle makes which sound. First of all show your child that each bottle makes a different sound when tapped. Then show them how blowing over the top of each bottle makes a different sound. Explore together making tunes and noises.

Make up different sequences and get your child to copy the sequence, start off really easy and then add one action to the sequence each time, this will help your child’s memory skills. Once your child gets really good at this make them turn around while you make the sequence, what is the longest sequence they can make?

Why not make some songs and music up about Raa Raa. With a camera you can record the different songs and play them back to your child. Why not try to sing our new song ‘Went to Visit the Jungle one Day’ with your music bottles?