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Make Leaf Animals

It's time to go outside, into a Jiggly Jangly Jungle near you! It might be on a walk to the shops, at your local park or in your back garden. Whichever jungle you go to start hunting for leaves in every shape and colour. There will be lots on the ground at this time of year, in beautiful shades of orange and yellow, perfect for Raa Raa’s face! But you can do this in any season, take a look at our other suggestions for nature pictures below. You could create a whole jungle and draw your favourite Raa Raa characters into the scene.

What to do:

  • 1.

    To Make Raa Raa's face first get 3 large leaves to create the main part of Raa Raa’s mane. Then add little leaves on top, coming out like sun rays. Keep adding small leaves in layers to make the mane look extra round and bouncy like Raa Raa's!

  • 2.

    Now lets make his face. Find the yellowest leaves you can and place them so that the face is smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom (lots of space for his big wide roaring mouth!) Two long narrow leaves make perfect eye brows.

  • 3.

    For eyes, nose and mouth we've used dark brown leaves but you could be inventive when you're hunting for materials. How about conkers for eyes? A small shiny pebble for a nose? Just make sure his mouth is nice and big for being as noisy as possible!

  • 4.

    Once you've made Raa Raa see why not see what other animals you can make. Lots of tiny green leaves make lovely Crocky crocodile scales or use big brown and yellow leaves to make Topsy's giraffe spots. Pressed flowers can add a lovely bit of colour to your animal, just leave them under a pile of books for a few days until they flatten and dry out.

  • 5.

    If you want to make the Jingly Jangly Jungle, twigs make great tree trunks, add little leaves for the tree tops and dried moss for bushes on the ground. Alternatively you could make your jungle by doing rubbings. Place a piece of paper over the bark of a tree and rub a crayon over the surface. Take the rubbings home and cut your bark texture into tree trunk shapes. Rubbings work brilliantly on leaves too.