Step 1

Print out the mask template provided, this is how Raa Raa would look like if he was drawn in an African art style. He now needs to be coloured in. African art never uses solid colour, try using the ends of felt tip pens dipped in paint to stamp circles or let you child use their fingers to make dotty shapes.

Step 2

For smaller areas, making dot marks with felt tip pens works really well. Use bright colours to make the mask look really exciting. Once finished allow your mask to dry.

Step 3

Turn your mask onto the reverse and start to tape bits of ribbon, crepe paper and raffia onto the mask to make Raa Raa a crazy colourful mane.

Step 4

Finally, cut out the eye holes and attach string to each side of the mask, measure you child’s head first to make sure you use enough.

Step 5

All that’s left to do is put the mask on and have some Raa Raa fun!

Extra activity - Try drawing some of Raa Raa’s friends in an African art style; remember to
tell your child to use lots of shapes and colour.

Download activity

African Art is all about colour, texture and shape. Masks are used for celebrations where there is a lot of music and noisy instruments... two of Raa Raa’s favourite things. You can make a Raa Raa African mask by following the steps below.

What you need:

  • A print out of the mask template
  • Paints, felt tip pens
  • Crepe Paper, ribbon, Raffia
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Some little fingers
  • String