Make A Jubilee Crown!

This month is the diamond jubilee, a very special time where we celebrate the Queen being on the throne for 60 years! There will be lots of street parties, crowns and flags. Join in the jubilee celebrations and make your own Raa Raa crown, and be King of the jungle!

What you need:

  • The Raa Raa Jubilee Crown Template
  • Glue Stick / Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pens, Crayons, Paper, Glitter to decorate with

What to do:

  • 1.

    Print out the Raa Raa Jubilee crown template. Carefully cut around the edge of the crown and the two long rectangle strips...these will make up the band that goes around your head!

  • 2.

    Stick the two paper strips to either side of your crown and measure it to fit your head. Join either ends of the strips to form the head band.

  • 3.

    Now time to decorate your crown! Be as imaginative as you like. Suggestions: cut and stick shapes, colour in, draw patterns, attach glitter, sequins and stick on gems!

  • 4.

    Now wear your crown and celebrate with the Queen!

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